Day 6 of 30

Day 6 of 30

30 Day Gratitude Journal


10 Valuable Life Lessons

Ma sha Allah awesome post on life’s lessons. Very precise, well articulated, and relevant examples 🙂

Bright Muslimah

life lessons

I’ve been away too long and decided it was time to make a post. After thinking for some time, I decided to write on some of the valuable lessons I have gained from my experiences in life and from those of others. I am sharing them below for the benefit of Bright Muslimah readers. I hope you will find them beneficial, In’sha’Allah.

1. Follow your dreams.

No matter what it is that you want to achieve in life, if it’s a dream you hold dear to your heart, then put your heart and mind to it, and you will be able to achieve it, In’sha’Allah. Never forget to consistently make dua for it with firm belief, especially at the times of acceptance like — between azaan and iqamah, after fardh salah, etc. and ask Allah to grant it to you if there is khair in it.

2. Never give up on life…

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