Chocolate Centered Part 1

Bismillah hir Rehman nir Rahim,

Assalamualikum wa Rahamtullahi wa Barakatuh,

Alhamdulillah I was blessed to join the Chocolate Centered 2.0 course. I thank Allah SWT first for answering my dua to attend it. And I’d also like to thank Sr Saiyyidah Zaidi for bringing in the course again and sharing with us and teaching us the knowledge that Allah SWT has blessed her with. Ma Sha Allah she is an awesome Sister 🙂 love her for Allah’s sake ❤

I had attended Chocolate Centered 1.0 in Jan 2012 and was very much happy with it. The course was my first opening to Professional Muslimah world. Back then I was struggling with the decision to be just a regular Muslimah or a Professional Muslimah. I had many other issues like low self confidence, decision making issues, not knowing how to balance life as a Professional Muslimah etc. In that state I was also in search for some course that could help in my struggles, help me make decisions, help me in self development, etc.

I was just so frustrated, I wanted to achieve more in life but I didn’t know how. I used to keep a look out for websites on self development and all, but the thing was they were mostly courses offered by non-muslims and most of them super costly according to me 😦 I wanted a Muslimah teaching a self development course according to the Islamic teachings and at a reasonable price according to me of course. I used to spend long nights just thinking and feeling tired and fed up of life, Subhan Allah. So, when CC 1.0 came out it was a real blessing from Allah SWT, Alhamdulillah. I signed up for it immediately. The course did help me in self development. I felt more confident. I came to realize my strengths and weaknesses. The materials offered for exercises were very helpful too. And Sr Saiyyidah taught the course very well too ma sha Allah. I was so happy with the course that at the end to express my happiness I’d written a poem for Sr Saiyyidah 😉 …. That in sha Allah in another post 😀

Gotta go now it’s almost 3am here 😀

To be continued in sha Allah, so stay tuned  😉


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